Monday, September 6, 2010

How this blog came about

I am not a poet or aspiring to become one. I wasn't an exceptional student of Hindi in my school life and struggled with the kavya saundaryas and the bhav saundaryas that the CBSE syllabus enforced upon me. I was more than glad when Hindi ceased to exist as an academic subject in my life.

But recently I discovered, and when I say discovered I really mean it, that I had a lot of Hindi poetry inside me. I was trying to explain to someone that Hindi had these things called alankars which are the equivalent of the similes and metaphors that you find in English and found to my own huge astonishment, that I remembered most of the various kinds of alankars and managed to give examples of almost all of them.

This epiphany got me going and I was up until way beyond midnight, deep diving into various rather unknown parts of my brain and coming out with other hindi poetry related stuff. There was a lot of Googling as well and at the end of it all, I was convinced that all the years of studying Hindi in school had left a more lasting imprint than I previously realized.

I want to indulge some more and more often and hence this blog.I am certain though that I will not be attempting to write poetry. I will just try to create a repository of all the poems that I like and add my comments to them.

I tried for one of the more obvious blog names but all of them were already taken. So I have named it after my favourite poet, whose most famous composition still gives me the goosebumps.

I really want to keep this going and hope it turns out like my love for sports and not like my love for my hometown.